When I Have to Make Decisions

Huge. That is all I can say. Every decision comes with its own set of consequences and as I write this I think about all the decisions I had to make in my life to get me to where I am today. Everyone has opinions, everyone has a viewpoint they think their own thoughts. It is what it is, I know for me what was extremely difficult when I was beginning my life out in the real world was needing approval from others. I had this very strange phenomena of almost having to ask permission to do what I wanted to do, it made no sense to me.

It blocked me from making my own choices, and my own moves in life. It was quite debilitating. For years I would be extremely hesitant and worried about making a decision. Sometimes now I feel that way, however the difference is I make a choice based on facts and what is the best for everything and everyone involved. My mentor L. Ron Hubbard spoke of this, of making decisions based on that information.

Decisions can be hard, they can be difficult because you cannot forsee the future, however your gut instinct usually tells you so. I have adopted and stand by this rule for myself when making a choice.

“Never allow another’s opinion to define what direction you want to take or what moves you want to make. Your decisions are yours, your understanding is yours, honor it.”

What I perceive is mine, what I know is mine, what I want to do is mine, and as long as I am acting ethically, then there is no issues connected with making a decision. It could be starting a new business, ending a relationship, moving across the country, whatever it might be I always come back to that choice.

I remember when I decided to move from New York City to New Mexico. It was such a radical change a lot of my closest friends couldn’t understand it. I even remember being told that I was selfish and was a horrible friend. As I did not expect that I realized then that not everything I do will be liked. But everything I do will be my decision and it will be made with very high understanding of all possible outcomes involved.

I never jump, unless I feel I have grasped a situation or analyzed something very intently. It is a habit of mine, even spending money, I do not spend unless I truly believe it will help me in the future.

I am not saying that I am an expert you are reading my blog, so I am assuming you are interested. This is my viewpoint and nothing more.

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