Why I Do Not Violate My Ethics for Money – Robert Syslo Jr

There is something that I have been observing and learning as a new found business owner and entrepreneur.  That in some situations, there are business owners who would violate their own integrity for money, connections.  Some are very respected some are not.  However it is an interesting phenomena that I have observed.

I wouldn’t say that I believe in karma, I do believe in creating situations that can spiral out of control if not handled appropriately.  With that said, I will never forget this amazing quote from L. Ron Hubbard – “Clean hands make a happy life”. Now no one is perfect, we are not angels, we are people and we make our mistakes.  With that being said, sacrificing one’s integrity viewpoint for a better position or for alignment, is violation to yourself.

Now you can do it and I would recommend the opposite of not doing it, but if you do, remember you are the cause for whatever happens after that point.

With my income and my position in life now, which is much higher than what it has ever been before, the idea of violating that disgusts me and it should for you too.    Those who surround me are ethical, they are clean, and they live a good life.  If they are not around, there is a reason for it and it rides on the ethic line for me.  I made too many mistakes and was hurt too many times to allow the continuation of those who violated their own integrity to exist in my world.

I work with powerhouses, I work with those who truly are the definition of ethics and those who never abandon their friends, because that is true loyalty and that is how businesses are built.   That is how great money is made, it is made with integrity and ethics.

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