For the first time ever, in digital training format, all of Robert Syslo's marketing secrets, branding techniques and digital knowledge is now available for your advertising, branding and marketing needs.

The "Video Genius" turned "Creative Genius" is now granting you access to the last 17 years of production, branding and marketing knowledge, and how to achieve the results that some of the largest brands in the world have achieved in their marketing and advertising efforts.

Get Access to Robert Syslo's Behind the Scenes Marketing and Branding Knowledge

If you wanted insight into everything Creative Genius, Robert Syslo has done to help some of the largest brands in the world become powerhouses on social media, if you want to learn the intricate details of how to setup your brand, your video content, your website, your traffic, your communication to sell and expand your can access to all of this information, in digital video, immediately right now.

Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy from the Ground Up, the Right Way

Gain Practical & Real Truth on Brand Development and Advertising Methods

The Real Solution to Spending Thousands on Impressions and NO CALLS

Find the True Reason for Social Media Guru's Successes Online

Position Your Brand and Content Organically for Better Results and Engagement

Handle Your Clients Objections in Marketing

Find Your True Voice Online and Use it To Own the Marketplace

$15,000 Value Gold Available for $397

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$397 Launch Introductory Offer

$15,000 Value

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What is Included in the Online Program?

This is an all digital online training course for everything you need to know about marketing, promotion, advertising, and brand development on the market today.  This brand new take on marketing and promotion is radically different from other marketing programs, and is the purest form of marketing available today.  This content results in real engagement, real conversations, and real interest in you, your product, your service or brand.

  • 12+ Hours of Digital Training Accessible Anytime Anywhere
  • 130+ Videos Broken Down by Category and Bite Sized Simple Explanations
  • Basic Introduction to Marketing, Branding and Advertising all the way to the most advanced techniques and tricks
  • Every Secret Held by Robert Syslo on the ways to enhance your marketing strategy, growth and development
  • Accessible for Life, One Time Purchase
  • 17 Collective Years of Knowledge inside the advertising space, with influences from New York Ad Agencies, the Film Industry, and worldwide training
  • Applicable steps for any business owner, any influencer, any product or service
  • New Content Added Monthly


"I didn't understand social media, I was brand new, I didn't see anything for the first month, however I stayed consistent followed all of Robert's training and the next thing I knew I wrote a $50,000 deal for a small business owner off of social media. I am a believer." - Bill R.

The Most Authentic Form of Marketing Training in the Marketplace Today

Robert Syslo has been at the forefront of some of the world's best brands, building companies from scratch and having them expand into multi-million dollar empires.

His unique approach to advertising and marketing is unparalleled in creativity, and stands as a beacon for authenticity in the marketplace. What lacks on social media, can be found with this program.

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"The Purpose of Promotion is to ensure that your business thrives and continues to exist in the marketplace."

Robert Syslo Jr

Strip Away the False Information of Social Advertising

If You Have Spent Thousands on Marketing Campaigns and No Calls, Find the Solution Here

Social Guru's today live in a world where anyone can become a digital advertising agency, anyone can run ads on social media, what lacks is the decisive expertise of communication, repetitive communication, and having an audience truly feel that you are interested in them.

Gone are the days of social advertising where you place your program online and people buy, the world is not effected by this kind of marketing.  Robert Syslo's approach grants immediate access and understanding from the business owner to the audience on a simple fundamental principal:  People want to be heard, people want to be acknowledged, people want to talk to you.

  • Receive Knowledge and Advice from the REAL person behind the scenes
  • Get Hands on Knowledge from real world experience on brand development, advertising, and development
  • Find out the reason why marketing fails

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Clients Robert Syslo Has Worked With

Robert Syslo has traveled the world and collected a vast array of clients and industries since he was 18 years old.  Each company was given the same application of training, branding and direction to boost sales, increase client engagement and expand their businesses, see a list below of some of the companies Robert Syslo has worked with.

"I lacked the vision and clarity in my business to be able to know exactly what to say to attract clients in the marketplace, we were already making great money, this program and Robert Syslo brought the fire we were missing.  The results are engaging, my community has grown, and we reach more people than ever."


"When you first start off with Robert, you are handed the keys to an engine of promotion that when you hang in there and do exactly what he says, you will grow your business."


"The level of aesthetics that Robert brings to the table in being able to understand my brand and how I can apply the information for business growth is unparalleled."


"I never knew how to communicate on social media, working with Robert and learning his techniques has given me a new advantage to marketing. Normally I hand off my marketing to another agency, but now that I am back in control, I know where to go, how to grow it, and how to talk to my audience."


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Take Back Full Control

This Program Was Designed to Give You the Most Effective Tools, Not Yet Disclosed in Marketing Today

This 130+ Video Program, with a run time of just over 12 Hours, is everything you need codified, immediately applicable, and simply explained for you to revamp your business marketing strategy. The PROMOTION program is revealed to you.  While Robert charges over $15,000 for private consulting on marketing and branding, this offer is available for you now for only $397.

  • Get Immediate Access
  • Refer Back to the Content at Anytime
  • Yours for Life
  • Questions Welcome
  • Updated Content Monthly

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Bonus Content

How to Define Your Message Webinar

In addition to the 130+ Videos, jumpstart your brand the fast way with this 1 Hour Intense Webinar Robert delivered live.  The purpose of this information alone was to bypass all the heavy technicalities of branding and promotion, and give you a system that can be implemented immediately.  With the addition of Robert's one of a kind - Video Communication Sequence and Video Emotion Sequence, never before documented by anyone in the history of marketing and promotion.  These two pieces of data alone will change the way you utilize video, messaging and promotion.  When correctly followed, yields increased sales, increased income, increased engagement across the board, this is also included in the price of $397.

  • Jumpstart Your Brand in Under 1 Hour
  • Walk Away with a Clear Purpose on Communication
  • Develop Your Fully Hashed Out Content Plan
  • Learn the Insights on Communication through Video
  • Understand Emotional Response and the Correct Path to Communication that Sells

Also Included In this Program****

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Your Content Creation Kit

Jumpstart your content creation and marketing plan with the Content Creation Kit.  A series of short practical exercises that walk you through exactly how to map out what to say, how to say it, how to promote and give you a clear picture of what your marketing content should be.  This is for those interested in creating marketing content that works, that want to take control back of their marketing and ensure that their message and their brand is protected.  There are four exercises that once completed, will give you full conceptual understanding of what to market and why you are marketing it.

  • Complete you brand identity
  • Clarify and know exactly who your audience is with the Audience Identifier
  • Map out your content with the "Content Creation List"
  • Enhance your understanding of the Video Communication Sequence with practical exercises on how to narrate your videos
  • Bring your audience through an emotional journey with the Video Emotion Sequence Practical exercise
  • Work out your content posting schedule for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In
  • Hone in on all the objections you encounter in sales and use that for promotion

Also Included In this Program****

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