Contact and Client Support

If you are already a client of Syslo Ventures, or are interested in digital marketing for your business, please call or text the office at the number listed below. In addition, on this page you can find the appropriate person to help answer all of your questions and needs. To avoid unnecessary emails, missed communications, or issues, it is company policy to have our clients please send a "single" email with all questions, needs, or corrections to the appropriate person so your question can be answered.

Office Hours : Monday - Friday 9:30 AM EST - 5:30 PM EST

For Client Assistance Please Call the Office at 305-340-7721

For Clients: How to Get In Contact

To ensure the fast and efficient service it is imperative that you follow our company policies for reaching out. We do not want to miss any of your communications and want to ensure that you have a smooth delivery and advertising experience while contracted with Syslo Ventures.  Please follow the chain of command for reaching out regarding any questions, concerns, corrections and needs. We are here to help you get on the road to advertising as fast as possible, please do your part to work with us.
First Point of Contact

Sam Perez

Creative Director
305-340-7721 EXT 103
Any question regarding content, content edits, advertising, social media scheduling, posting updates, post corrections, website corrections, video corrections, delivery times, login information, website hosting information should be sent to Sam Perez. This rockstar is our first in the organization and will send you what you need directly, and route any corrections or updates to the appropriate teammate and fixing and will report back to you when completed.
Second Point of Contact

Damon Perez

Vice President
305-340-7721 EXT 102
Damon, our rock, handles advertising reports, internal task management and assignment and overall production coordination within the organization, you can contact him as a follow up if you do not hear back from Sam, or if you have questions regarding your advertising reports, production delivery times, or emergency situations.
Third Point of Contact

Robert Syslo

While being in charge of the entire organization, Robert will schedule with you a dedicated time during the week to review your branding, marketing and advertising strategy. It is imperative that you are on those calls to ensure the best delivery possible.  Robert will also handle any filming, photography, cinematography and quality control of all your production elements and design elements. He will oversee all the organization produces and ensure you have a smooth product.

Additional Contact

Gabe Angee

Website Developer
305-340-7721 EXT 105
Additional Contact

Tyler Jaeger

305-340-7721 EXT 104
Advertising Manager - Syslo Ventures Partner (Founder Elevated Revenue)

Please Note:

Requests, texts, messages, phone calls made outside of normal business hours (Monday-Friday 930AM EST – 530PM EST) will be answered the following business day.  Requests, emails, phone calls, messages, corrections sent via email or phone made on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays will be answered and followed up on, on the following business day.

For Current Clients

For current clients who want to submit a request please utilize our automated client support system. A new custom feature built within our own business to tie directly your support needs to the team that is responsible for the edits and adjustments you need. Turn around time for edits and adjustments is 48 hours.

For current client support please follow the link below to our support form page.

Client Support

For New Business Inquiries

At Syslo Ventures we are always looking to help you in anyway we can on the digital marketing front. Whether you need video production, advertising on social media, social media management, graphic design, logo design, branding and marketing consulting, website design, email marketing, we are your digital solution for you.  Please use the information below to submit your new business inquiry and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly.

For New Client Inquiries please call 305-340-7721 or email

Terms of Service

While contracted with Syslo Ventures, or if a client of Syslo Ventures you agree to our company policies.  As with any experience we aim to deliver great service and a great experience. For any questions regarding our Terms of Service you can explore them below.

See Terms of Service