Terms of Service

Syslo Ventures Policies, Terms and Conditions

Latest Revision – 21st April 2024

The following “Terms of Service” sets forth the terms and conditions governing your Syslo Ventures account, or client experience.

Syslo Ventures Online Subscription Policy: Syslo Ventures, LLC may charge subscription service for online video resources. You are responsible for obtaining access to the Service and that access may involve third party fees (such as Internet service provider or airtime charges). You are responsible for those fees, including those fees associated with the display or delivery of advertisements. In addition, you must provide and are responsible for all equipment necessary to access the Service.

Syslo Ventures Payment Terms Official Policy: All payments for services made to Syslo Ventures, LLC via digital store-front or contractual agreements are non-refundable. Sales on all digital marketing packages, contracts, invoices are final. Company credit can only be allocated for solution of service. In standing with a contract, any payment arrangement made on an official contract must be adhered to by the client. Failure to make payments on time and agreed upon in the contract/payment due date, will equal immediate pausing of all service until payments are made or brought up to current status. If payments need to be placed on hold, no further work will be produced for said client on Syslo Ventures behalf. The client will retain all access to produced work and content created, however any adjustments, changes and further work will cease until payments are brought to current, or met the agreed upon contract.

Syslo Ventures Contact Policy: The official form of contact, as laid out on the contact/support page of this website is an official policy of Syslo Ventures, LLC. Syslo Ventures, LLC is dedicated to delivering great service, we also ask our clients to work with us as to ensure smooth and effective delivery. Requests, texts, messages, phone calls made outside of normal business hours (Monday-Friday 930AM EST – 530PM EST) will be answered the following business day.  Requests, emails, phone calls, messages, corrections sent via email or phone made on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays will be answered and followed up on, on the following business day. Syslo Ventures is closed in observance of Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Syslo Ventures Client/Service Harassment Policy:  While contracted with Syslo Ventures, LLC you agree to a non-harassment policy. You agree to not slander, invalidate, harass verbally, or physically any member of the Syslo Ventures team during your contractual agreement and term with this organization. Failure to comply with the following will result as an immediate breach of contractual agreements and terms of service. Violent, threatening, verbal and written communication, communication that insinuates detriment, intended destruction, damage, or assault towards any member of the Syslo Ventures team, statements of displeasing nature sent, without proper attempts of communication or emails for the Syslo Ventures team to correct, public slander on social media, racial invalidation, or racist/sexualized comments, comments of religious antagonism or religious invalidation, unfounded claims or emails that are incorrectly stated regarding terms of service and contractual agreements are seen herby as violations of harassment and violations of terms of service and will result in an immediate termination of contractual obligations from Syslo Ventures to the client, with no further access to service from Syslo Ventures in the future.

Syslo Ventures Edit Round Policy: As we wish to provide the best experience for our customers, each client will receive 1 edit rounds of all content, video, graphics, website design free of charge. It is the clients responsibility to make all necessary arrangements to review content delivered in depth and send in one communication the changes they wish to have done.  After 1 rounds of this, each client will incur a flat rate cost of $250/edit round of all content. Edits received will have a turnaround of 24-48 hours (business days) from the date received. The Edit Round request must be traceable in email format that shows exact, date, and time of request being sent, a text message does not qualify as an edit request being sent, all edits must be placed in a single email or single document to the team to efficiently deliver your edits. If it is not received via email, it is considered not requested.

Syslo Ventures Client Content: All content created by Syslo Ventures including, graphics, websites, videos, pictures, leads generated, copyrighting across all social platforms are owned by the client.  Syslo Ventures may use content as examples in portfolio of work for marketing and advertising purposes. 

Syslo Ventures Website Development Policy: Once a website is built and finalized, approved by the client. Management of the website is transferred over to the company that owns it. It is that companies responsibility to manage, upkeep and maintain all hosting, SSL, and maintenance of that website, unless contracted by Syslo Ventures to do so.  For any client outside the term of contractual agreement to request website updates, hosting issue resolutions, or any type of website management development work, there will be a minimum of a $250.00 service fee that must be charged to handle any website related task or issue. Syslo Ventures holds no further responsibility to the website after it has been delivered and if the contractual term of management has ended.

Syslo Ventures Referral and Referral Commission Pay Out Policy: Syslo Ventures is always willing to expand give opportunities with our referral/event sales program.  Syslo Ventures offers anyone who brings business to Syslo Ventures, or who purchases at an event the Syslo Ventures team speaks at, the opportunity to receive a referral payout commission of $325.  Commissions for referrals/sales made at an event are paid out on the 15th day of the following calendar month for the closed sales the month prior (I.E. Contracts closed and revenue collected in June, equals payout, to the individual who made the referral, on July 15th – the following calendar month).  It is hereby stated that ongoing commissions are not paid out for any extra deals or contracts signed that are made after the initial contract signed and revenue collected, from the original contract, unless a special contract has been drafted that makes the individual an affiliate of Syslo Ventures and that contract has been signed by both Syslo Ventures and the individual.   Example, client X pays for an initial program, brought by the individual, the individual receives a payout on the following calendar month. Client X purchases another service after the initial contract was signed, the individual responsible for bringing the referral does not receive a payout on this new program or service purchase – unless in an agreed upon contract signed by both parties, that states otherwise.

Syslo Client Out of Communication (Non-Refundable) Reactivation Fee Policy: In the event that the client fails to communicate or respond, or provide approval to Syslo Ventures within 14 business days of receiving all deliverables, despite Syslo Ventures follow up via phone, text, and email – if no response is received within this period from the client, the account will be suspended. Upon communication from the client after the 14-business day period, a reactivation (non-refundable) fee of $1750 will be required to re-launch the program, covering administrative costs incurred during the suspension period. Failure to remit this fee within 72 hours of notification may result in further action, including termination of the contract.

Syslo Ventures Additional Work Requested Outside of Normal Business Hours Policy: Any work requested of any member of the Syslo Ventures team that falls outside the normal business hours of operation, Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST, will incur a billable fee of $250.00 per hour. This fee applies to any services provided, including but not limited to consultations, revisions, website development, email campaigns, advertising campaigns, social media revisions or additional work, conducted outside of the specified business hours.

Syslo Ventures Client Advertising Campaigns Shut Off Policy: If any client, during their advertising contractual term, disables or turns off their advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google Ads, or YouTube Ads without prior notification to and knowledge of the Syslo Ventures team, it shall be deemed a material breach of the contractual agreement. In such cases, Syslo Ventures reserves the right to immediately terminate the contractual agreement with the client. Termination will be effective upon written notice to the client, and any outstanding obligations or fees shall become immediately due and payable upon termination. Syslo Ventures holds no further obligation to provide service or work with the client.

Syslo Ventures Data and Information Request Policy: At certain times data will be requested from the Syslo Ventures team to complete specific tasks and projects. Whether this is codes for websites, installation of certain automations, requests made via email and data at which the client must provide Syslo Ventures with in order to complete the task. The Syslo Ventures team is very diligent at requesting this information however at times additional data will be requested of the client. If the client fails to deliver the requested items for installation, website codes, automation requests, etc. and despite several documented attempts by Syslo Ventures to follow up for the information, the client will be held responsible for the delay of delivery and Syslo Ventures retains no obligation of refunding due to this delay on the clients behalf. As long as Syslo Ventures requested information and it is documented that requests were made, no refund may be issued for a product delay for a client.

Syslo Ventures Change Orders Policy: Each client is allotted 1 full edit round for free of subsequent products. Change Orders are now effective on all products created by Syslo Ventures. A Change Order, is a specified rate for a particular adjustment or change that is outside of the scope of work of an original contract. If the work requested to be change exceeds the number of allowed 1 full edit round, individual change orders must be signed and payment received prior to the next adjustment to be made on any website, landing page, email campaign, advertising campaign, social media graphic, booklet, pamphlet, brochure, banner, video, reel – any digital product created by Syslo Ventures on a contractual agreement. Each change order is set at a standard list of pricing as it pertains to the order that it must fulfill. For more information on specific Change Order pricing, please contact your client manager at 305-340-7721 Option 2 Client Support.

Syslo Ventures Other Marketing Firms Contracted Policy: Syslo Ventures is a team oriented company. We integrate well with existing marketing teams both internal and externally. Hiring another marketing agency while contracted with Syslo Ventures, and not making this information known during the term will result in immediate termination of your contractual agreement with Syslo Ventures.  Syslo Ventures is willing to work with and create campaigns with clients, however unknown marketing agencies that are actively working against the aims, goals, and wishes or in a different direction than the systems outlined by Syslo Ventures will result in an immediate cancellation of services rendered to the client.