Your Weekly Advertising Feedback Report

This report MUST be filled out weekly for the duration of your advertising campaigns.

Please fill out the corresponding form. This form allows us to make fast adjustments to your advertising and lead generation campaign. We want to ensure the maximum feedback as quickly as possible so your ad dollars are spent effectively.

Why this Feedback is Important?

Communication is the primary solution for all advertising. The more we know about how campaigns are going, how the leads are, the quality of the leads the greater control our advertising team can exert on your marketing efforts. The more data you provide to our team the more we can maximize the results you are looking for.

How will this report be used?

Advertising for lead generation and product sales requires tedious analysis and changes to be made. While we get reports from the backend of the social platforms we advertise on, we need to get feedback from you, the client, to adequately assess what is happening as an outcome of our campaigns. This feedback then allow us to make the right micro-adjustments for the best results and maximization of your advertising dollars.