Marketing Agencies lure you with large terms, fancy sayings, and complicated explanations and landing pages to get you to sign up and market with them.  The major problem faced with every business owner right now is not the mechanical fancy delivery of ads, but of the ads themselves.  It's the message, the brand, the image, the composition, the narrative that drives increase in sales, increase in revenue and increase in engagement.  Real engagement, real sales, real leads come from the proper level of communication to an audience via branding and promotion.  That is what the purpose of this page is, to simplify, to strip away false and complicated information, from the branding and promotion world, so you can do one thing, rest assured that your message is being delivered effectively into the marketplace.

What to Know

When it comes to branding and promotion you need the person who actually does it, who actually does the work and has done the work to build brands.  The truth is, is that branding and promotion is 80% is Communication, 20% is Mechanical Delivery. Robert Syslo is the leading expert in brand development, promotion and communication on social media in the marketplace.  With over 17 years of experience, Robert ensures that your brand, products and services are delivered to the marketplace at the right level of communication, the right level of aesthetics to increase sales, conversions and following.  The objective in branding and promotion is to provide enough value, through organic, clearly defined communication that comes directly from YOU.  Not someone else's viewpoint, or what someone else has done in their marketing and promotion, but the raw unedited version of your viewpoint, your products, your services.  This effective marketing strategy works better than any advertising campaign, any targeted audience, and best of all it is simple.


/ˈbrandiNG/ the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

Old English brand ‘burning’ (also in brand (sense 3 of the noun)), of Germanic origin; related to German Brand, also to burn1. The verb sense ‘mark with a hot iron’ dates from late Middle English, giving rise to the noun sense ‘a mark of ownership made by branding’ (mid 17th century), whence brand (sense 1 of the noun) (early 19th century).


/prəˈmōSH(ə)n/ - An activity that supports or provides active encouragement for the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim. the publication of a product, organization, or venture so as to increase sales or public awareness.

late Middle English (in promotion (sense 3)): via Old French from Latin promotio(n- ), from promovere ‘move forward’ (see promote).


How it Works

The biggest problem brands, influencers, and companies have is the lack of consistent created content.  Robert Syslo utilizes graphics, videos, web design and organic content creation to continually help his clients reach and expand into the marketplace.  Each post, each video is value add from the start and each post on social media is looked upon as a piece of valuable real estate pushing further into the marketplace to expand a business, or individuals reach and increase awareness.  Syslo Ventures specializes in the creation and delivery of all of the promotion assets necessary to develop and market your business and brand effectively.

The Avenues to Achieve the Above

Video Creation | Graphic Posting | Article Creation | Podcast Interviews | Organic Posting

The Promotion and Branding Process

"Promotion and Branding is a long term play, carried out for the entirety of the existence of your business.  No one company, brand, or influencer ever got big by abandoning their promotion." - Robert Syslo Jr

Step 1


Have a 30 minute tailored launch call to help Robert Syslo understand your brand, your product, your services so that you can see and Robert can see what the full potential is of your future promotion.  With detailed and specific questions, you will have everything you need to start your promotion.

Step 2


Once your call is complete Robert will then map out exactly what your promotion will entail, including the necessary social media assets such as videos, graphics, web design, so that you the influencer, business owner, has everything they need to market effectively.  The focus is on simplistic development and promotion.

Step 3


Robert Syslo and his team will then create the needed assets for promotion, and send for review, whether that is video production, web design, graphics, or Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Advertisement setups, everything is handled so that you can focus on what you do best and that is grow your business.

Step 4


Now that all the content and necessary assets are ready, depending on which package you have selected, social promotion will begin and your weekly branding and consulting calls will be scheduled.  From this point forward, all marketing and distribution efforts will be passed through Syslo Ventures.


Branding and Promotion Package

We have a baseline package to start from, all packages are customizable and tailor made to fit your time, your budget and most of all deliver the results you need. 

$3500 USD/Month

  • 1 hour Weekly Coaching with Robert Syslo Via Zoom
  • 2 x 60 Second Videos Produced
  • 10 Customized Social Media Graphics

$5000 USD/Month

  • 1 hour Weekly Coaching with Robert Syslo Via Zoom
  • 4 x 60 Second Videos Produced
  • 25 Customized Social Media Graphics
  • Social Posting on FB, IG, TW, Linked In, YT

$10,000 First Month ($5000 Monthly after)

  • 1 x 10 Page Website
  • 1 hour Weekly Coaching with Robert Syslo Via Zoom
  • 4 x 60 Second Videos Produced
  • 25 Customized Social Media Graphics
  • Social Posting on FB, IG, TW, Linked In, YT

This is a 30 Day Agreement, contracts are not required, but can be requested on the clients behalf.

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