The Fear of Promotion - Robert Syslo Jr

When it comes to promotion there is a innate fear of it that exists. Sometimes this fear is legitimate and other times it’s a simple lack of understanding, and more often then not it’s fear of being rejected or hated on.

When I confront these three I simply go back to one solution and the solution is that I know my effort, I know that my intention is to help, and that what I am saying is the truth, not fabricated or altered. And when I come From this position, before I press the record button, all the considerations drop.

Remember where you are coming from and why you started your business in the first place.  There is involved in creating a message than just placing content into the marketplace. What I am talking about is a deep rooted system of communication that enables your business to survive through extended periods of time.

To not invest or put in the effort to communicate into the marketplace, is a serious violation of your reasons for earning income.  If I find myself not wanting to promote or afraid to communicate the very first thing I look at is - what am I telling myself or what has someone told me I shouldn’t do.  Identifying these areas I can push forward.  Most of the time the thoughts and considerations are flagrant illogic that have nothing to do with my main purpose, and if it is stemming from someone else I always ask myself what was the purpose of what they said?  Did that make me feel good or bad? And if bad, why did I listen to it? Why would I allow that kind of talk around me, I don’t anymore, and you shouldn’t either.

What this comes down to is the investment into your own beliefs.  If you believe in your products, if you believe in your brand, then I find no fault in speaking the truth, as long as it is truth.  Always remember why you started in the first place and I guarantee you can’t make a mistake or have reason to fear promotion.

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There is a Way to Communicate Digitally - Robert Syslo Jr

There is a Way to Communicate Digitally - Robert Syslo Jr

I did not realize this, nor did I truly understand this. I felt that if I pounded a social media feed, I would get the results I was looking for. Over time I recognized that this would alienate my audience and push them further away from me. The game became more about understanding the needs and wants of an audience. What would they think of this if I communicated this way, or if I communicated that way? What does that look like?

There is really is a higher level of responsibility that has to be taken into account when you start your promotion. This is not a one way communication, this is a two way communication and in my viewpoint there is no reason to not apply the standard rules of a conversation to social media promotion. Why is this valuable? Because you, the authentic individual shows up and comes through. The message, the purpose, the content, all is directed towards the assistance of those who watch the content. That is why you must understand that there is a way to communicate digitally.

Over the last 17 years I have devoted my time and my energy to this to understand the exact ways to speak and communicate and social media has given business owners and influencers the opportunity to accelerate their communication. Check out my course to learn more and dive deeper into this topic.

My Responsibility is to Elevate an Audience, not Degrade Them - Robert Syslo Jr

My Responsibility is to Elevate an Audience, not Degrade Them - Robert Syslo Jr

Today I am in New Orleans, speaking at my good friends conference Skill A Thon. What an incredible experience this is already shaping out to be. I remember working events as a sales person, the grind connected to that, and I always became the top producer at those events. Now as I am presenting I reflect on the responsibility I owe to the people that I will be speaking with. My job as a business owner and my job in promotion is to elevate an audience. Not to degrade them, make fun of them, make them wrong for whatever position they are in.

I owe it to them to ensure that the knowledge and the information I have inside of my mind needs to be communicated, promoted, and explained effectively so their lives can be enhanced. This is how I think of these things. I am no longer an employee, I am a responsible business owner, with teams across the world that I help support and grow. Clients around the world that I support and enhance their lives with. As a business owner it is my responsibility to ensure they are succeeding, that they are winning.

An online program doesn’t make you rich, the ability to help another over the long term with bonafide and valuable information does. The ability to elevate another to a higher level does, the ability to communicate into the marketplace and promote effectively thoughts and ideas that can make a difference is what matters. Far reaching effects can be created, positive effects can be created to make an everlasting impression for another human being. That is my responsibility in promotion in marketing and in life.

When I go to speak, I imagine the audience and their position. I think of every possible viewpoint they could have and how am I going to communicate to each of those. How am I going to enhance their lives. My responsibility is to take responsibility for every person in the room, no matter where they are or what they are doing.


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Meet Robert Syslo of Syslo Ventures - Voyage MIA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robert Syslo.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Robert. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Six years ago, I was homeless. Living out of the backseat of my car in Los Angeles. After situation after situation, even getting stranded in another country, I landed back in Miami. I lived in a hostel on ocean drive for two months, at the Decowalk Hotel surviving on $100 a week. I got a job at the Banana Republic and could afford my first room to rent. I then got a job as a video producer, which has been my passion since I was 15. After traveling the world, I could not believe I arrived here, broke no income and stuck. At this company, I learned how to sell and eventually built a multi-million dollar advertising agency while working there. This past November 2018, I went out on my own and started my production agency, Syslo Ventures. I am based in Miami, Sydney Australia, and Brisbane Australia. I live in Sunny Isles Beach and help clients around the world with communication in video, graphics, and web design. Apart from that company is also an advertising agency where I help companies, both small and clients with net worth’s of $300 Million or more, reach into the marketplace and grow their business.

Has it been a smooth road?
It has not been a smooth road. I moved from New Jersey, where I was born, to New York City, worked in the film industry as an intern, that failed dropped out of college, moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico back in 2008. I lived there for five years, as the film industry came to New Mexico for Tax Incentives. I then went to China for a month, then moved to Los Angeles, where I wound up homeless sleeping in the back seat of my car. I then reached out for help and found a group based out of Trinidad and Tobago. I sold my car and bought a one-way flight to this Carribean island. Where I was working without food or pay, but happy to change my scene. I then got fired from the company I worked for as I called in sick and started knocking on doors to other ad agencies in Trinidad. Now, stranded on the streets and no money to return home, I linked up with a radioshack company there and started helping them promote. I then got enough money to return to the US, via this company and came to Miami. I lived in the Decowalk Hostel for about three months surviving on $100 a week before I got a job at the Banana Republic down in Lincoln Road. I wanted something more and landed a job as a video producer, my passion. I then learned the game of sales and built a multi-million dollar advertising department inside of this company. This past November, I then went out on my own to Start Syslo Ventures. My production and promotion company. I now have clients around the world, and help them communicate in the marketplace. I never forget how difficult it was for me when I had nothing, and could barely afford food. Showering at the bathhouses in Venice Beach, California. I lost everything and found a way to come back.


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The Purpose of Promotion - Robert Syslo Jr

The Purpose of Promotion

When I began this dive into the social world , I really wanted to understand the true purpose of promotion and what that would do for a business, for a company or an influencer.  Realistically I think of the word promotion and I associate with FB Ads etc, what I later discussed is that is only 20% of the deal. The other 80% is the purpose, the content and how something is communicated.  I wrote in another article describing the Illogics of Promotion, this article identifies what I believe to be the purpose of promotion.

When a company is started and a business owner takes the plunge to develop their product, their idea their service into the marketplace, it’s all about how is someone going to know about this.  That thought confronted fully is daunting, I know because I have been doing it for the last year.  Confronting and looking, observing and notating, and I kept coming back to a very simple point.  The reason behind why I would even decide to do something like this in the first place.  The reason being, to help others, because I value myself enough to communicate I know how to make a difference for another with my knowledge.

Promotion is not a vanity act, although treated as such by some, promotion is more of a validation and a point of integrity and honor to oneself.  I view promotion not from the viewpoint of Facebook Ads, or social media, but more the ideal expression of my true purpose in life.  As I began to expand that business, the purpose of the content shifted from “buying a product” to “how can I help this person with my information” and “what ethical obligation do I have to do so”.

If I were to sit on information I have, and I knew it could better a social area at large, what does that say about me? It says I am selfish and not interested in helping a group become more enhanced in a way that I know yields results.  That is not me or my viewpoint, that is the opposite, however ask yourself, what do I know that I know will make a radical change within your space and within your industry, and then ask why am I not talking about it?  Because if the product is ethical, if you are ethical, then there is no reason not to have this discussion.

The purpose of promotion is to validate your dreams, your purpose on the line of how you make and effect a difference for others.  To do anything less, is a sever violation of your own duty to help others win.

This is just a brief point that I am describing here, I really hashed this out in my training, Secrets Revealed, I discovered all of this information and immediately said this is my duty, to share it with others. You can learn more about if, if you feel inclined to do so here:

But the true purpose of whatI am doing is far more than video production, it is the vital insistence that individuals have the right to communicate and communicate what they know will enhance a group at large.

The Illogic of Promotion - Robert Syslo Jr

The Illogic of Promotion - Robert Syslo Jr

I went dark on social media for 6 months. I had left my previous job and started my journey as an entrepreneur.  I was on a path of discovery to understand who I was and what I was about.  I began to analyze social media and the messages that were being promoted.  I saw the top promoters, the middle of the road and those just starting out.  I did not thing but observe.  I had information on marketing, I had information on promotion, but was in a position of ethics of honoring an agreement that was made, so I could not promote the way I desired.  I had bills to pay, I had a life, personal development and all connected to that.  My survival was at play here.

I got honest and observed.  And I began to see the way in which promotion was being done was based off of what other top level marketers had said and promoted, did or pushed.  I then watched as others would mimic and copy that style, the phrases, or downright repost the information that was being shared. I saw only copies of others, a severe lack of authenticity and misguided communications, some of which I do not think are fully understood.

What do I mean by this?  Here is an example the meme/quote: “Failure is a part of success” or “You try fail, try fail and try again”.  Somewhere along the line someone had this experience and began to spread this information as part of success.  I thought to myself, well that might be a part of his experience but does that have to be my experience?  Why would I go into agreement with a piece of information that was created by someone else who I do not even know?  Yet there it was all around on Youtube, Facebook, Linked In, etc and I watched as a collective group of people went into agreement with this.  I only use this as a specific example there are many more variations of that.  I found this illogical

Then there was the obsessive need to share others information and quotations.  I thought to my self this is great that we can flow promotion to others, but where is the individual who is doing that sharing?  Where is his or her actual viewpoint and what are they trying to communicate.  I applied this to myself I asked the same questions, what do I know or what I can bring to the social arena? What I developed was a way of communication that came from me, my experience, my viewpoints and thats all it was.

My business began to grow and began to expand.  Every business owner I encountered from that point forward had the same problem, a communication problem.  I found that there were serious elements of promotion that were missing and I began to codify what those were and as I dug deeper I found it was very common across the marketplace.  Only the ones at the top were effectively communicating from their viewpoint, albeit some had contradicting messaging, but overall you knew what that person stood for. This is what I saw was out for businesses across social media, I could not know what they stood for if they were promoting others viewpoints that were not their own.

I built a program to solve this, Secrets Revealed, you can check it out here I wanted to come from a place of help and offer a way to talk that could work and expand into the marketplace.

Robert Syslo Speaks at HELP Miami - Hollywood Education and Literacy Project

When I was growing up I wasn’t given the right information, in fact I spent most of my time in confusion. I couldn’t decipher truth from what was practical and it caused me many problems in life.
Today I spoke to a group of 7th-12th graders on my experience and the importance of taking the time to understand information, defining everything connected with that information and then applying it. It was a true honor to speak at HELP (Hollywood Education and Literacy Project) here in Miami. The staff there are doing truly remarkable things for these young men and women in positioning them to conquer life and most of all to flourish and prosper. It was an honor.
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Why Video Content is the Necessity for You - Robert Syslo Jr

I went on this amazing podcast with some truly inspirational individuals, and reached a brand new audience.  I would love for you to check it out see below!

People fear the chore of creating content for multiple social networks, but it’s important to remember not to be too precious about things. Good content can be repurposed reused to your benefit to offset the workload. Dumb and Dumbest Podcast number #227 is streaming now and it’s an interview with about Video Content with Robert Syslo! Hosted by Matt Bacon (Dropout Media, Ripple Music, Prophecy Productions) and Publicist Curtis Dewar (Dewar PR), in addition to the podcast, Matt and Curtis host The Music Marketing Challenge, a low-cost, super high-value private training to bands and artists. Get hands-on practical experience to market your band like a pro today! Message them at the links below.


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Shifting for Purpose and Constructing a Brand Message that Breaks Through | Robert Syslo

Shifting for Purpose and Constructing a Brand Message that Breaks Through | Robert Syslo

Born and raised in Lakewood, NJ Robert has always had a profound love for adventure. Working with his father as an electrician and engineer, Robert learned from a very young age what the word “work” meant.

Listen to the full interview here:

Always being interested he developed an interest in cameras. Since 8 years old cameras, photography, aesthetics, interested him. Fast forward 23 years later, Robert now runs two successful companies, the first is the media production company Syslo Ventures, LLC which specializes in media production, digital video, web design, graphic design.

The second is Interview Blueprint an online digital training course for anyone struggling to get a job. Having worked around entrepreneurs for the previous 6 years, Robert decided it was time to develop his own company and help people the way he has always aspired to do so.

He has traveled the world as far as China and Latin America, the Caribbean and all across the United States, starting in New York City where he interned for Micheal Mailer Films.

The Mistake I Didn't Make in Sales - Robert Syslo Jr

The Mistake I Didn't Make in Sales - Robert Syslo Jr

You know I never got any awards or plaques for selling the most.  I recall several times I sold way more than anyone, but never received a a plaque or recognition.  You know what for me that did not matter.  Being the highest motivated and professional closer in the past  and even better now that I run my own show the motivation for me was not a plaque - it was freedom.  I used to get confused and think to myself man if I had that much more recognition, if I had that award it would truly mean something.  Then I realized what was important.  My stats never lied.  The income never lied, my freedom to live and not have to stress never lied.

I knew no matter what I would always create and out create every situation around me.  It became for me the best game to play in the world.  Sometimes we can be allured into the seduction of awards and such, but then you realize when you go home it did not full fill you.  I wanted to the full game, the full picture.  What could I create that would help me know and feel non stop that I was satisfied.  Not satisfied in the sense of it is enough, but rather how much more could I do.

I never got allured into the yesterday success, I stayed in what I should be focused on the next thing.  The next expansion, the next sale, that for me is where winning comes into play.  Ive seen it time and time again people win, they get lazy and fall down.  They cannot stay consistent.  You know where consistency in the marketplace comes from.  Treating wins and losses exactly the same.  No emotion.

When I win, I win, when I lost I know I lost, but I never forget what caused both, nor do I forget how to out create always.

Thats the game I play, it's not an award, awards are false to me, it's do I know and when I sleep at night, that I achieved it.  That is enough.  If you can achieve this, you truly are free.