How I Found My Real Purpose in Life

by Robert Syslo Jr

Purpose, what a thing.  When you do not have one it drives you nuts, you feel lost confused and have no clue where to go.  I suffered from this from about 14 years old till about 24, then everything changed for me.  I realized that I had a great talent for communication through video and then what was even more exciting, was the opportunity I was given to run and create something extraordinary.  Upon this I began to discover the natural power I had to create and build something from scratch.  It surprised me!  But it gave me a huge adrenaline rush.

Now out on my own, I get to act on the purpose that I found.  The ability to create long last effect in the economy through any means necessary.   What does that look like, for me it can be as simple as helping someone express a message through video, or like my new company Interview Blueprint where we help college kids identify and attain a career of their dreams.  This is my mission and purpose, the underlying information is to help as always to help.

How did I find that out, well simply because no one helped me really growing up.  I was not given great direction, there was so much about life that I did not know about nor did I understand.  It was just never explained to me.  Business, money, investing, marketing, all of those things I found out about around the age of 24.  I felt that I had missed a huge part of data that I could have utilized to grow something.  The great thing is, I was able to find out about it and understand it.

The missing link in my world was this idea, this concept of how to create something from scratch.  Make money at it and grow.  Now I am not the all star entrepreneur, by entrepreneur by definition is the process of designing, launching and running a new business.  I am in the process right now.  IT is some process I must say.  But I will tell you, it doesn’t work without understanding what the purpose was.  I really had to identify it.  I’m not saying anything new here, you have heard other big boys say the same thing, I just starting out am validating that.  Without the purpose it doesn’t work.  Mine is to help.

I know what it is.

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