The Driving Factor for Building Your Own Dream – Robert Syslo Jr

6 years ago if you would have said Robert you are going to be building three companies on your own with massive success and reaching millions of people I did not have the foresight to see it.  Now sitting here in the midst of multiple product launches, company launches, sales calls, reaching out into the marketplace, I have arrived here.

You have to be a bit of an oddball to do this, to willingly forego the luxury of a steady paycheck, to forego the certainty of routine and what will come your way in the 9-5 to set out on your own.  I always wondered what people went through at the beginning, most talk about the current state of affairs, you hear stories, oh it was tough, working out my house, did not know where the money was going to come to handle rent or living expenses, but until you take the leap you do not know what exactly is in store for you.

I can say that most of what is said is true the experiential side of entrepreneurship is liberating, horrifying and also extremely rewarding.  The reason I use the word “extremely” in this context is because it tests the very limits of who you are, what you are willing to endure, and forces you to confront the fear of death.  By death I mean failure.  Failure only comes when you give up, but the sheer volatility of it, tests the spirit.

I love it.  Is it glamorous no, is it worth it yes.  I look at what I have created in a short period of time and it indicates exactly what is to come in the future.  That is the driving factor.  To look at what I have created in this short period of time, you can see it here and and a third on the way.

You forego your comfort, your stability for the inevitable rewards of freedom and utmost pursuit of your passion.  Insane is the word that comes to mind if I was to think about this 6 years ago, today I call it the right move.   For me I spent to long being a follower, I spent to long being occupied with the development of something else that was not my own.  I was holding my own self back from creating and using what potential I knew existed.  The driving factor to do it, can only come from yourself, and if I don’t have that faith that I can do it, I would not do it.

The purpose of this is really to only talk about the one factor that propels you into entrepreneurship and into the life you want.  The key phrase here is what “you” want.  Not running on another’s idea of how you should be, how you should act, how you should live.  It is what I struggled with the most I was grasping at others viewpoints to adopt as my own, fearing my own viewpoint.

The biggest mistake I made was not following my viewpoint, was not honoring what my viewpoint truly was and how it could make a difference in the world and in the marketplace.  The moment I began to see that viewpoint and really understand that was me, this is where it changed, and that is the driving factor to building your dream.  The turning point of understanding who you really are, what you really can do, and achieving it.

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