Creating Something Unique – Robert Syslo Jr

Everyone wants to be unique, everyone wants to have a distinguishable identity in the marketplace and one of the questions I was recently asked was, how do you create something unique. I thought about this question very diligently, as I am in the middle of building my own sense of “unique”.

What I arrived at was something different.  I realized that in the marketplace everyone is attempting to do just this a unique value, or viewpoint that sets others apart.  I wanted to know where this came from, as lot of products are more or the less and can be the same with different variants.

I realized the only thing that makes something unique is the presentation and the person or people behind it.  What you are, who you believe in and how you create something is the unique that is being searched for.  It is not some magical answer or mystic deal, its way simpler than that.  IT is yourself and how you choose to approach situations and viewpoints.  Without understanding that element first the idea of unique cannot exist.

I struggled for a very long time attempting to identify myself, and find out who I really was.  And after many years I cannot say I fully know that, but I have 80% of it handled.  This for me was paramount to anything else. To any other business or creation it was about discovering what it was that I knew that I could offer.  I could not allow myself to get caught up in the minutia of what others were thinking, or talked about in relationship to me, it had to be me and be unapologetically me.

This is where uniqueness comes from, the ability to know you, be you and not hide behind a false identity.  That is where the end goal lies. Not a fabricated fake reality, but a real one, un hidden, and open.

This is the success of distinguishable identities, the ability to simply take the time know you and build on that.