As a new business owner and entrepreneur I have moved into the space of having to find employees. And I began to assess what that would entail, but not only that what my responsibility will be to them.

Employees are hard workers, they make the business push forward and succeed. The right employee does this. For myself I have always been the hardest working employee, now turned business owner. I respect the ability for an employee to want to grow more, to want to be ambition and create on his own. I admire it because that is the right and ethical thing for he or she to do for herself or himself.

No one should be stuck in one place, they should be advancing. My responsibility to them is to ensure that they are growing, and that I know about them, let them know that as I am the boss, I am always a friend and person they can communicate too.

I personally do not believe in detachment from my employees, they deserve respect and friendship. Unless they harm the business in some way, this is a different story.

But if someone is producing, showing up doing their job, eager to learn, eager to expand, eager to make his lot in life better, and earn more, who am I to suppress that. Its unthinkable to even consider doing this.

It is only out of fear or one’s personal ego that they would try to limit or undermine their employees. They are your team. I remember reading about Richard Branson and he said something so powerful that immediately resonated with me:

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”.

What an impressive statement for a billionaire to make. Yet it is incredibly true. Employees represent you, they are a symbol for your brand, how they act, what they say, how they feel are your responsibility, their frustrations and success are your responsibility. You take care of that, you have a tight knit group, a well controlled group that works together towards a purpose.

When I look for someone I am looking for ethics, communication, ambition, and willingness to work hard and grow. That is how I operate. I remember seeing a massive business owner speak, and he said to the crowd that it is the owners responsibility to know and care for his employees. To not know, is a sign of lack of respect and understanding for how important they are.

Getting involved, being around your team, daily talking to them, coming out of the ivory tower, is the most important. Never think you are above them, even though you are in hierarchy, a well functioning unit respects authority, but also understands good leadership.

I personally respect the leader who can do this, anything else, can be destructive to a unit, loss of talent, loss of morale.

Be responsible for your group and help them win, we are all in this together trying to make it, respect authority, but also be willing to help others expand.

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