Why I Learned Everything and You Should Too – Robert Syslo Jr

Why I Learned Everything and You Should Too – Robert Syslo Jr

In my life I have had the fortunate experience to travel the world, work many different types of jobs, build videos for hundreds of different companies and industries and learned so much about what actually exists out there in the marketplace.  For me this is nothing short of exciting!

As an entrepreneur and business owner, it becomes a necessity to know every single job that is connected with a business.  You have to.  I built sysloventures.com, learned WordPress and added it now into my arsenal of knowledge and understanding.

For me, its about being the most lethal person in the marketplace, meaning the one with the most knowledge and skills for application.  This comes right down to handling people, and the types of people that you encounter on this journey.  Some will love you and what you are creating, others will lash out and try to suppress your creation.  Either way, I have found that creating and staying on purpose is the fastest way to success.

The goal of my life is to help, the goal is to create something so memorable it cannot die.  That is why I am absolutely open to learning everything and anything that exists out there.  You never know when it might come in handy.  And better yet, it allows you to find opportunities where others might not find any.

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I am a firm believer in experience, a firm believer in constant expansion and understanding.  Not only does this help create you as better individual, but it makes you unstoppable and formidable.

I have built my life on this premise, and it has led to amazing experiences and ideas.  The ability to learn and to know is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and one that I am fully appreciating.



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