Aligning Yourself with the Right Truthful Group – Robert Syslo Jr

“The people who you align yourself with, will alter the trajectory of your entire life.” – David Lee Jensen

My mentor and best friend David Lee Jensen said this quote to me and it literally changed my entire perspective of the people who I aligned myself with.  I thank him many for his time, his generosity, true friendship and most of all being the most ethical person I know. There is something to be said for taking control of your own life and developing your own ideas and concepts, in building your own dream and making it a reality.  Winning is extremely important and sometimes in order to win you must leave and disconnect from certain groups, people, and those who you looked up too.

This can happen because of time, changes, or an elevated awareness on your self.  As a multiple business owner and entrepreneur over the last six months I have discovered that in business it is important to see things aas they are.  If an individual says and acts a certain that is the person you are getting involved with, if they say something but do another, do not attempt to justify the action or the reason for that action.  My biggest blunders came from what I hoped the person would be versus what they actually are.

This resulted in loss of income for me, loss of integrity for myself.  Why is that important to notice this.  Because in the age of influencers, social media, marketing, it is very easy to appear larger than life, and I found that as I moved into a space of relating with billionaires their viewpoints are extremely different.

They focus on the growth, purpose and expansion of their company.  Getting lost in the trap of social media, hinders your growth and expansion.   The more I make calls, the more I focus on my future the more success it brings to me.  When I look at aligning myself with a group or individual here is what I look for – ethics, keeping their word, action, and trust.  If a group or individual does not posses these qualities I am not part of them.

I had to become strict in my life both in my personal and my life around.  Too many mistakes cost me time, effort and money. And when your mission is to help people to improve the marketplace, I realized I had to have rules.  These rules are life and they have allowed a huge abundance of prosperity in the last 6 months.