Creativity in Business –  Robert Syslo Jr

I often thought what it would be like to create a business and now that it has been done, I see what the purpose of it truly is.  To hear my clients and people I have helped go over the top enthusiastic because of how my creativity and work has helped them, it gives me an amazing feeling, a feeling that I am doing a great job, as thats my purpose to do exceptionally better each and every time.  It’s pure motivation to wake up in the morning and attack the day with pure energy and power.

I honestly create what I do every second of the day.  I love it.  Creativity started with me from a young age, I was always a bit of an oddball at elementary school I found solace and inspiration from listening to abstract music.  Inspiration from the video games I played and the environments that were created transported me into a realm of creativity.  I learned how to harness that experience of what I felt and transform in into editing and filmography, later that would come out in my photography and video production.  It is not about the product or service it is about the effect created to sell the product and service and this is what interested me the most in production.

I have spent my entire life attempting to understand emotions and feelings for two reasons one for me to master my own and two to be able to use those emotions to communicate in video production.  A lot of my clients tell me that they cannot stop watching my finished work over and over again, and honestly neither can I.  I watch my work in the hundreds of times and I do not get tired of it.  If I can do that, I know that I did a great job.  I know that others will have the same experience.

Developing this skillset of creativity is from thousands and I mean thousands of hours of production time, playing with music content, light, techniques.  I started with a simple understand of the platforms and tools that I used to create and then pushed them to their limits.  I am a button pusher, I dont like instructions, you should see me with furniture, I figure it out on my own.  Thats how I learned digital media and production.  On my own and extreme sacrifice to develop my craft.

I found out that if I devoted my time to creative exploration with music and color I became better and kept exploring that over and over again.   Creativity in business is the same its massive exploration of the foundational elements and then pushing those elements to the limit.  Do not be afraid to try it or test it, just do it.