The Book that Saved My Life – Robert Syslo Jr

The Book that Saved My Life 

Growing up was excruciating for me.  High School was probably the worst years of my life, my parents went through a divorce, I was broken emotionally.  From that point forward till about 25 years old I went homeless, I jumped from bad relationship to bad relationship, getting my emotional self destroyed.  I never understood why this was happening or how to deal with it. It got so bad that I was temporarily exhibiting the symptoms of PTSD, if that is even a real thing.  I would have random panic attacks, loose control of myself for no reason and break down and cry.

The simple end of it was I did not understand people, and I did not understand how to protect myself from those that were negative. What you would call an emotional vampire, was exactly what I found myself getting involved with over and over again.  Each time I thought I had learned my lesson and that I would be able to change it, I was horribly wrong.  I kept making the wrong choices in my career and personal relationships and was continually disappointed.  I struggled in a state of grief for over 7 years trying to find out what I was doing wrong and truly believed there was something wrong with me.

What did I do?

I sought out answers, I googled everything from how to deal with narcissists, dealing with alcoholic girlfriends, how to deal with manipulative people, it consumed me all the while I was not advancing in any way in my career.  Instead I fell further and further down the rabbit hole.  I remember when I was living in Los Angeles I was seeing a therapist, who eventually told me to go on drugs, I told her to F off and I left the office and never came back. I did not believe that I could be fixed with a drug, so I ended up searching further.  I moved randomly to Trinidad and Tobago worked for a while, found myself in another bad situation. Until finally one day where I was working prior to being an entrepreneur a friend introduced me to a book that literally gave me all of the answers I was looking for.

I noticed with my relationships and the types of people I was interacting with that they exhibited the same type of patterns.  The same communications, the same viewpoints, actions, and very weird behaviors.  Yet, I felt I could handle it.  I was wrong.  They would say things like “you’re not successful enough for me to be with you”, “You will fall flat on your face when you start your own company”, “you are crazy and making things up its all in your head”.  The whole time I felt extremely invalidated and almost believed these things. However I knew there something very wrong about it.

Many people say that I am too sensitive, and honestly I like that about myself, they were right.  I am extremely sensitive to BS.  I am sensitive to lying and manipulation.  I learned over time how to handle this.  The book that did this for me was L. Ron Hubbard’s Science of Survival.  It literally gave me the answer right down to the T of the types of people I was getting involved with and how they would behave. I saw that I was responsible for attracting this, because I willingly went into it.  Now with the data in the book, I changed my entire existence.  I look at this book anytime I speak with a potential business partner, and even found my girl who I have been with for 3 years.  The book stopped all the insanity, and gave me clarity on what it was I was dealing with.

You do not have to struggle with an abusive relationship, or work situation you have the ability to take full control and not allow this to ever happen to you again, this book answers that for you.  I am sharing it because no one knows what really happened to Robert Syslo, and when my book is published there will be a lot more details however, LRH helped me get through this, and gave me the stability I searched for.



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