2 Tips for Outstanding Video Production

When it comes to creating videos online used to sell, tell a story, brand, whatever the outcome is there are definite ways to go about doing this.  In my 16 years I have seen the industry change over time, I have also seen the way editing itself has changed.  However, what I have found is that there are two extremely important tips that you must know and understand when it comes to producing a video that will create the desired effect and sell the products and services you are attempting to communicate about.

1. Know Your Subject Matter

Before you even touch a camera, before you even have an in-depth conversation with your clients, step one is make sure you 100% understand and can play in the space that you are going to be making a video about.  There is no greater mistake that professional filmmakers can make then not studying the subject matter that they will be creating a piece about.  If you cannot speak about it comfortably how are you going to create a work of art about it that will render the audience in a state of awe? You cannot.  That is why the first step is understanding the subject and fields you are going in.  Pull a little bit of midnight oil on this one and dive extremely deep into the subject, take very good notes, so the day you walk on set, or sit down in front of the interviewer you can understand completely what questions to ask and how to ask them.

2. Know your Clients

Just like the preparation you are doing on the subject matter, you must take time to build a relationship with the individuals you will be working with.  Whether this is a narrative film, documentary film, or advertisement, you want to make sure you know your clients well. Ask them questions about their lives, their purpose, their motivations and ensure that you listen and acknowledge everything that is being spoken to you.  Your goal should be to know them as well or better than they know themselves.  From a creative standpoint this gives you the arsenal to draw from when you are creating your piece for the clients.

When it comes to creating a piece of art or work of advertising it must be genuine and come from you.  If you do not apply the above two pieces of information or data, then it will not work out as you have hoped, your clients will be disappointed and the failure of attaining more work becomes real.  It is simple do the research, be prepared and show up day one with as much knowledge of the people in the room as the subject matters to which they are discussing.

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