Why I Don’t Follow What Everyone Else Does – Robert Syslo Jr

Why I Don’t Follow What Everyone Else Does

When I was growing up I was interested in fitting in, I wanted to be liked, I wanted to be a part of the crowd.  I tried desperately hard to be liked, did whatever was necessary to fit in, however it always backfired for me.  Fast forward to 30 years later.  As a thirty year old I had a momentary crisis of identity.  I quit my job, and became an entrepreneur.  In that moment I was confronted with a huge wave of uncertainty and doubt.  What I did not have, a single desire in my spirit to fit in.  I was over it.  I wanted my own individualism I wanted my freedom.  You do not get freedom in a crowd, you get something else.

Now I want to be clear I love people, I love groups and everything about them.  That being said there are some situations where it can become easy for an individual to become hypnotized, whatever word you want to call in what everyone else is doing.  They post selfies, so you post selfies, Im guilty I post selfies, they run left you run left, they build something you build something, they market a product a certain way you market a product a certain way.  This repulses me. For me following along, blindly without question is an insult to my potential and insult to myself and my integrity.  Now before you start making assumptions about me, I have to say that every experience I encounter my first intention is to make the space better.  That is it.  Everything I do I make it better.  I train to help others, I spend more time working on myself then I do going out, I have given up hundreds of hours of my time to get myself into a position of high ethics and integrity. I am by no means perfect, but I do the best I can to be.

For me the individuals are the ones who make the groups go right.  They are the ones who create the future.  Each member of that group should be celebrated for each of their contributions and no one should be left out.  When you find yourself not in a group like this, I say leave it behind.  It will destroy your spirit and enthusiasm, it won’t be fast, it will be a slow burn deep inside of you.  I have found in my experience that I have sought out like minded individuals of high ethics and morals, and when I do not see that I leave.  My intention as I mentioned is to help others and that is the utmost important and for me the individual is the one who makes that happen.  He or she has their own thoughts, their own viewpoints, their own ambitions and those are the things that should be celebrated, recognized and nutured.

I’m interested in the different, not buying a BMW like everyone else, but buying a car that Alfa Romeo only made 217 of last year.  To me that is special.  I have something special.  What do you have that is special?

As an entrepreneur I enter into a world of loneliness, not that I am upset by this, but not many share this, but there are a few who get it and for me a few is more than enough.  I love people, I love what they can do and I love groups, just be mindful and selective of what you choose to follow and why you choose to follow it.  I wouldn’t want someone pulling the whites over my eyes before it is too late.  Be aware and be present of what is taking place around you.  That is the biggest mistake I made in my life, I was lured into what seems great on the outside but buried there is something far worse.

I do not follow where others go, I do not listen to mainstream music.  I am a creator, an adventurer and an explorer.  It is my nature and I will say that it will never go away.  To those of you who have the same I say, keep the adventure rocking.  What else are you going to do.

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