How to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

One of the craziest experiences I have ever had was starting from zero.  There is a lot of fear and confront in handling this.  When you have a cozy job, and things are stable, why would you want to throw that out the window and create something entirely new.  What a time. Here are a few tips I recommend for you before you start being an entrepreneur or if you are considering going and starting your own deal.

1. Get Mentally Prepared

When you leave the comfort and security of your desk job, you do not really realize how good it is until it is no longer.  And by how good it is I am referring to the experience of security.  Once you leave that place, you are taking your ship that was nestled safely in the harbor and are taking right out into a hurricane.  The only guarantee you have is that you have the knowledge, the skills, the ability to make things go right.  Everything else is fair game.  Unexpected emergencies might come up, your funds that you have saved are running dry and the next thing you know you are unsure how to pay rent.  However if you are mentally prepared and ready and willing to experience, as my mentor L. Ron Hubbard says, you can endure and it will turn the corner.  Remember this is an adventure, one that not many will understand and support you with.  You will be surprised by those whom you love and respect turn their back on you when you make this decision, be prepared.  I spent a considerable amount of time adjusting my viewpoint and preparing for this shift.

2. Set Your Schedule

Once you left the 9-5 job you will immediately realize, you have time.  You do not have to get up early, you can go do whatever you want.  Do not fall into this trap. Find a way to set a defined scheduled like you did before.  Set time to work on your website, set time to create your brand, set time for sales calls, for business meetings, set time for working out and time with your love one’s.  This life is violent and can extremely time consuming, make sure you use your time adequately.  Learn to become a super guru and own your own time.  With this in control the transition is easier.

3. Save the Doubt for After Work

When you start this, doubt is the only enemy greater than your bills.  When you are working, you are working.  Create faster and harder then you ever have before and safe that consideration for when you rest your head on the pillow to sleep.  You need to be at tip top performance every second of the day.  Whatever happens, something blows up that you were not prepared for, acknowledge it move on and have the emotions when you off the production line.  Youre the only one who is going to make this go right, so do the right thing and stuff it for later.

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