Robert Syslo is the founder and CEO of Syslo Ventures, an advertising, marketing and production company. Having been through hardships for most of his life, Robert learned how to hustle and thrive.

Robert was born in Lakewood, New Jersey, and after high school he got an internship in New York City with Michael Mailer Films where he was introduced to the film industry. This was followed by having to suffer through the divorce of his parents and eventually being unhappy in college and dropping out.

“I dropped out and drove across the country to New Mexico. The state offered great tax incentives for film so I felt like I could get in the industry there. I was hired by NBC Universal and the Hilton to film 60 locations around New Mexico and develop ads for those locations, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and so on. Soon after that, I wanted to try my hand at working in Los Angeles and ended up moving there.” Robert shares.

But in Los Angeles Robert found himself in a situation that unfortunately caused him great distress–homelessness. In his search to get out of that unfortunate situation, he ended up working on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

“I found a group that I didn’t realize was in Trinidad and Tobago, the last island in the Caribbean. They helped me work every day on what was happening and how I could stabilize myself. I ended up selling my car and took a one-way ticket there. I jumped from island to island between Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada trying to make things right, but I ended up back on the streets with nowhere to go.” Robert recounts.


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