The Purpose of Promotion

When I began this dive into the social world , I really wanted to understand the true purpose of promotion and what that would do for a business, for a company or an influencer.  Realistically I think of the word promotion and I associate with FB Ads etc, what I later discussed is that is only 20% of the deal. The other 80% is the purpose, the content and how something is communicated.  I wrote in another article describing the Illogics of Promotion, this article identifies what I believe to be the purpose of promotion.

When a company is started and a business owner takes the plunge to develop their product, their idea their service into the marketplace, it’s all about how is someone going to know about this.  That thought confronted fully is daunting, I know because I have been doing it for the last year.  Confronting and looking, observing and notating, and I kept coming back to a very simple point.  The reason behind why I would even decide to do something like this in the first place.  The reason being, to help others, because I value myself enough to communicate I know how to make a difference for another with my knowledge.

Promotion is not a vanity act, although treated as such by some, promotion is more of a validation and a point of integrity and honor to oneself.  I view promotion not from the viewpoint of Facebook Ads, or social media, but more the ideal expression of my true purpose in life.  As I began to expand that business, the purpose of the content shifted from “buying a product” to “how can I help this person with my information” and “what ethical obligation do I have to do so”.

If I were to sit on information I have, and I knew it could better a social area at large, what does that say about me? It says I am selfish and not interested in helping a group become more enhanced in a way that I know yields results.  That is not me or my viewpoint, that is the opposite, however ask yourself, what do I know that I know will make a radical change within your space and within your industry, and then ask why am I not talking about it?  Because if the product is ethical, if you are ethical, then there is no reason not to have this discussion.

The purpose of promotion is to validate your dreams, your purpose on the line of how you make and effect a difference for others.  To do anything less, is a sever violation of your own duty to help others win.

This is just a brief point that I am describing here, I really hashed this out in my training, Secrets Revealed, I discovered all of this information and immediately said this is my duty, to share it with others. You can learn more about if, if you feel inclined to do so here:

But the true purpose of whatI am doing is far more than video production, it is the vital insistence that individuals have the right to communicate and communicate what they know will enhance a group at large.