The Illogic of Promotion – Robert Syslo Jr

The Illogic of Promotion – Robert Syslo Jr

I went dark on social media for 6 months. I had left my previous job and started my journey as an entrepreneur.  I was on a path of discovery to understand who I was and what I was about.  I began to analyze social media and the messages that were being promoted.  I saw the top promoters, the middle of the road and those just starting out.  I did not thing but observe.  I had information on marketing, I had information on promotion, but was in a position of ethics of honoring an agreement that was made, so I could not promote the way I desired.  I had bills to pay, I had a life, personal development and all connected to that.  My survival was at play here.

I got honest and observed.  And I began to see the way in which promotion was being done was based off of what other top level marketers had said and promoted, did or pushed.  I then watched as others would mimic and copy that style, the phrases, or downright repost the information that was being shared. I saw only copies of others, a severe lack of authenticity and misguided communications, some of which I do not think are fully understood.

What do I mean by this?  Here is an example the meme/quote: “Failure is a part of success” or “You try fail, try fail and try again”.  Somewhere along the line someone had this experience and began to spread this information as part of success.  I thought to myself, well that might be a part of his experience but does that have to be my experience?  Why would I go into agreement with a piece of information that was created by someone else who I do not even know?  Yet there it was all around on Youtube, Facebook, Linked In, etc and I watched as a collective group of people went into agreement with this.  I only use this as a specific example there are many more variations of that.  I found this illogical

Then there was the obsessive need to share others information and quotations.  I thought to my self this is great that we can flow promotion to others, but where is the individual who is doing that sharing?  Where is his or her actual viewpoint and what are they trying to communicate.  I applied this to myself I asked the same questions, what do I know or what I can bring to the social arena? What I developed was a way of communication that came from me, my experience, my viewpoints and thats all it was.

My business began to grow and began to expand.  Every business owner I encountered from that point forward had the same problem, a communication problem.  I found that there were serious elements of promotion that were missing and I began to codify what those were and as I dug deeper I found it was very common across the marketplace.  Only the ones at the top were effectively communicating from their viewpoint, albeit some had contradicting messaging, but overall you knew what that person stood for. This is what I saw was out for businesses across social media, I could not know what they stood for if they were promoting others viewpoints that were not their own.

I built a program to solve this, Secrets Revealed, you can check it out here I wanted to come from a place of help and offer a way to talk that could work and expand into the marketplace.