From a rough home to dropping out of college, to homelessness and bad relationships, Robert Syslo Jr has faced it all in his pursuit of conquering the film industry. Today, he is proud to be the founder and CEO of Syslo Ventures. His advertising, marketing, and production company specializing in everything from high-end video production, social media management, social media advertising, brand development, branding and promotion training, website design, and graphic design. They currently service over 350 clients worldwide.

While living in Miami, Robert landed a gig off of Craigslist that jump-started his whole career. The job was with Grant Cardone, and it exposed him to the world of high life living, luxury jets, and entrepreneurs and successful business owners. It was then that everything clicked into place.

“I realized this is what I was missing – business skills. I also got involved in personal development. As I was helping film and create for Cardone, I learned sales and quickly became one of the top producers there. Being exposed to all these entrepreneurs and successful business people got me inspired. I began to wonder if I could do this on my own. The decision to leave began to come into view. I had thought about it before, but didn’t know if I could handle it,” Robert recalls.

Robert left his job with Grant Cardone to set out on his own. One year and 8 months later, Robert is currently reaching around 3 million people per month, and was listed as one of the top business leaders to follow in 2020 by Yahoo Finance. His online training program, Promotion Secrets Revealed, is an accretion of everything that needs to be fixed for marketing and the solutions that provide results, without the need for a Ferrari or Private Jet. Robert has personally trained over 400 people per week on coaching calls.  See full article here on Yahoo Finance