A 7 Figure Agency Creation – My First Full Year and a Half in Business

The Highlights.

  • It doesn’t make much sense to go into agreement with anxiety, fear, confusion.
  • The emotional reaction someone decides to have to a situation or external influence has little influence with my trajectory.
  • I already know what the right thing to do is and I do it.
  • I can sense and know when someone is actually communicating something positive or truthful, or just downright trying to one-up, lie, injure or show off, the latter I remove.
  • The removal of troublesome or individuals who cause trouble leads to massive spikes in sales/income.

Those above are highlights. At this present time I am sitting in First Class flying to Chicago then onto Sioux Falls for a commercial advertising shoot. The article I’m writing is an advanced check in on my world in business. At this time I am running a 4 month straight up graph of income and sales since January 2021 and it continues to rise. I have hired a team

of 6 to deliver and currently deliver the work of 20. We are ninjas, seal team six, getting the job done every-time, this agency I built is a 7 figure business in 12 months servicing clients all across the board big budgets, little budgets, lead generation, branding, video production, website design, funnel design and more.

When I write something, I’m not trying to portray myself as an expert, I write and communicate what I do. Practicality, immediate application and results is what I want and what I see every day. To walk and ethical line, to deliver and increase sales and production is what I want. I’m ethics obsessed because that’s a long lasting play, that’s survival. I recognize that my business thrives or dives

Solely based on my own approach, attitude, responsibility and if I see it as me always creating whatever happens I can correct it or enhance it. I blame no one, I blame no external circumstance I am the performer and I judge myself accordingly to my performance.

I remember when I broke the 7 figure mark. As that number inched closer and closer I said here it is. Then it happened and I moved on. There wasn’t a party or fanfare, it was just a number. No what I was really proud of was that I was able to donate to my church in the last year was the same amount as my entire yearly salary I had at my last job. During an economic shutdown and pandemic. I just produced, sold, helped and repeated. Everything was integrated and production was paramount. I had left a familiar world to swan dive into my own business, and it was the best decision I ever made. Everything in my terms, my own creation, my own ethics and in charge, my own granting of beingness to myself and to what I know I can do.

I studied, I trained over and over and over to be better for my team, to be better for my clients and to be better for you. I walk a hard line of ethics and perspective because I need to predict futures, prevent disasters and increase expansion. Phone call after phone call, video and advertisement, posts and stories, advances and rocket rides came from a simple desire of placing myself in full acceptance of my decisions and what I observe. I don’t second guess or make excuses for what I see, I see it. I in turn follow this viewpoint and help as many people as I can.

I see what everyone tries to do, and then I go outside where no one is and accelerate ahead. I don’t follow trends, or the latest craze, I follow the path to income and to prosperity. The advice I take is one that enhances my life and the lives of my clients and employees. I don’t wander aimlessly, I don’t listen to a lot of different pieces of information because most of the time I know what to do. Everything is strict, tracked and regimented, I cannot course correct what I leave un-observed.

Nothing works or accelerates without a correct process for delivery and solving problems. The next year will be accelerating, and exciting.