Robert Syslo, from homeless to serial entrepreneur, has made his mark in the advertising, marketing, and entrepreneurial world. Today he runs a 7 figure advertising and creative agency out of Miami Beach Florida. With a team of 6 Robert, focuses on two avenues Syslo Ventures and SysloSpice. Syslo Ventures is an advertising, marketing and production company with training for anyone to learn how to market and build their brands. SysloSpice is a corporate targeted company that focuses on driving brand transformations that bring traction and scalability. In just a year of launching, Syslo Ventures has reached immense success and works with over 500+ clients worldwide, Robert and his companies currently reach nearly 3 million people each month promoting simple and tactical ways to communicate more effectively while creating content to claim the market share any company deserves to grow. In 2021 Robert and his result obsessed team plan on attracting large scale corporate clients and offering superior marketing solutions for anyone needing real results in advertising and brand transformation.


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