My Responsibility is to Elevate an Audience, not Degrade Them – Robert Syslo Jr

My Responsibility is to Elevate an Audience, not Degrade Them – Robert Syslo Jr

Today I am in New Orleans, speaking at my good friends conference Skill A Thon. What an incredible experience this is already shaping out to be. I remember working events as a sales person, the grind connected to that, and I always became the top producer at those events. Now as I am presenting I reflect on the responsibility I owe to the people that I will be speaking with. My job as a business owner and my job in promotion is to elevate an audience. Not to degrade them, make fun of them, make them wrong for whatever position they are in.

I owe it to them to ensure that the knowledge and the information I have inside of my mind needs to be communicated, promoted, and explained effectively so their lives can be enhanced. This is how I think of these things. I am no longer an employee, I am a responsible business owner, with teams across the world that I help support and grow. Clients around the world that I support and enhance their lives with. As a business owner it is my responsibility to ensure they are succeeding, that they are winning.

An online program doesn’t make you rich, the ability to help another over the long term with bonafide and valuable information does. The ability to elevate another to a higher level does, the ability to communicate into the marketplace and promote effectively thoughts and ideas that can make a difference is what matters. Far reaching effects can be created, positive effects can be created to make an everlasting impression for another human being. That is my responsibility in promotion in marketing and in life.

When I go to speak, I imagine the audience and their position. I think of every possible viewpoint they could have and how am I going to communicate to each of those. How am I going to enhance their lives. My responsibility is to take responsibility for every person in the room, no matter where they are or what they are doing.


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