“While in Jersey City, I was just unhappy in college, I dropped out and drove across the country to New Mexico at that time 2008. The state offered great tax incentives for film, so I felt like I could get in the industry there. What ended up happening though I went back to school, dropped out again in pursuit of my career. I was hired by NBC Universal and Hilton to film 60 locations around New Mexico and develop advertisements for those locations, restaurants, hotels, resorts, hiking trails you name it I did it. Shortly after, I wanted to try my work in Los Angeles and ended up moving there. At the time, I was in a relationship that caused me great distress and mental anguish. I’ll spare the details, long story short I wound up homeless on the streets of Los Angeles. I couldn’t work, the trouble from the relationship, my family life, left me spinning. I had no way to understand people and did not know how to sell. The only thing that I could do was my production work,” Robert recounts.


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