Robert Syslo Jr is the Founder of Syslo Ventures, a full service creative agency that provides advertising on different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. From video production, to promotion training, marketing services, documentary film production, website development & design, and much more, Syslo Ventures provides it all. Robert is passionate about design, video production, and communication, and has dedicated his life to creating unique content for his clients that is hard hitting, impactful, and ethical. He sees social platforms as a great way to connect and enforce the attitude of a brand, and showcase it throughout the world. Through its innovative and unique approach to marketing, Syslo Ventures has remained above the competition. In fact, Robert makes his clients’ success his #1 priority, and works to seek out the solutions to attack any problems they may be presented with in their industry. Today, Robert continues to expand his brand through diverse social platforms to over 10,000,000 people.

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