Why I Had to Undo My Thoughts — Robert Syslo Jr

As a multiple business owner, CEO and expert in marketing and digital production, I have had a plethora of experiences. Recently I have moved into my own over the last 6 months. I became a business owner and entrepreneur and entered into a brand new realm of existence unlike what I have been used to. I was trained extremely heavily over the past 5 years, and the previous 25 years before that. Thoughts, ideas and ways of being that I thought were mine, that I thought were true, mentors and people who I looked up to for guidance I adopted beliefs from throughout my life, have turned out to be skewed perceptions of truth. I touched on this in my recent article regarding how I restarted my life.

When you get trained or conditioned in a certain way you adopt it wholeheartedly because for you in the time you adopted these beliefs was what you thought was right to get through. Mannerisms, communication, ways of conducting business etc. were now yours. Then when you get on your own and start developing businesses and aligning yourself with those that are more aligned with your beliefs, it challenges these thoughts.

For me I had serious beliefs about always working, non-stop and believe me I do work non-stop but I realized something was wrong when I lived on the ocean and only went to the beach twice. I realized that my relationship was suffering and not only with my girl, but with myself. Everything that I loved to do and experienced I stopped doing it. It was as if I was becoming inhuman. A robot that executed things perfectly. I would remember from time to time my experience as a surfer, as a rock climber, photographer etc, but those were pushed aside.

In recent months I began to see a world of reality, of real people, people who work on the ground and build companies and businesses, and their families. I realized that I needed to fix up my own life. Why am I writing this? I am writing this because I began to wonder how many other people out there struggled with something similar.

The thoughts I had, the ideas that I had held me in a place of not being able to move, even though it gave the appearance that I was moving, and in a sense I was, just not in the direction I wanted to. When I took the entrepreneurial plunge, I was forced to confront every reality associated with that. I had to confront thoughts that were no longer working for me. I had to get rid of them.

Why would that happen? When you get on your own, build on your own, and align with like minded people, you have no choice but to change the way you operate. A good friend of mine David Lee Jensen, an amazing person and my mentor, helped me to see this and understand the importance of this. He says that the people you align with will change the trajectory of your entire life, and I took it one step further, its the thoughts and ways of the people you align with that will effect the trajectory of your entire life.

It is in this moment I realized, just like 10 years ago, I had to undo my beliefs and processes. I had to re-discover myself and the best thing I found was me. I had complete control now, I had no one else to direct, I was my own mentor, I keep my own counsel, as my mentor L. Ron Hubbard says and there is nothing more liberating than this fact:

I trust myself and trust my observations and decisions.

I write this with the sincerest hope that you understand this and can perceive what I am speaking about and hopefully give you the courage to change your thoughts, for the better.

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