For your access today, this is only available for 24 hours after the webinar, Robert Syslo will be working with you to train on what he knows as far as aesthetic content creation, message development and how to communicate in the marketplace.  To get you started a 30 second video is also included for you to jumpstart your message and set you up for the next 30 days.  You also will have access to Robert Syslo on a group coaching session for 1 x 1 Hour weekly coaching via zoom for 30 days.


1 x 1 Hour Weekly Group Coaching

  • 1 Month of 1 Hour Weekly Sessions Via Zoom
  • Business Message Development
  • Positioning Your Business
  • Identifying Your Topics for Content Creation
  • How to Distinguish Yourself
  • Tips on Engagement
  • Tips on Social Media Posting

1 x 30 Second Video 

  • Editing Included
  • Graphic FX Included
  • Script Writing Included
  • Voice Over Included


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