For the Ultra VIP

Take your business and brand to the next level with a full immersion experience.  Receive a personalized camera crew to any destination you choose in the world and get one on one coaching with World-Renowned Branding and Marketing expert Robert Syslo and Global Film Producer and Content Visionary Deana Durisic.  Build your brand, attract attention, create next level 5K content, to deliver into the marketplace.  Traditional marketing is boring, Immersion is epic.

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Getting Attention is One Thing, How You Capture and Maintain It is Another

Build an Online Image of Yourself, Like No One Has Seen

We are offering business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers a chance of a lifetime.  To travel, create content and get exclusive training from two of the world's most progression creative entrepreneurs.  Monetizing travel for your benefit is the game to which you attract attention. Utilizing foreign locations, foreign experiences, you pull interest into just who you are and why should people follow you.

  • 4 Day Trip All Expenses Paid to Any Destination in the World
  • Receive Daily One on One Training in Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Promotion with Robert Syslo
  • Receive Daily One on One Training in Business Development, Business Systems, and Expansion with Deana Durisic
  • Personalized Film Crew to Follow You Around and capture your daily experience
  • Receive 10+ Branded Video Content of Your Travel that can be used for your promotion
  • Receive Daily Photoshoots from Our Camera Crew for Your Brand
  • Leave with a full strategy on how to implement your marketing

Full Scale Production, For Half the Cost

All Inclusive Trip, 4 Locations, Full Production Crew, Daily One on One 2 Hour Sessions, Photoshoots, All Included

Imagine flying over the largest sand islands in the world in Australia, or taking a tour through Little Italy in New York, or riding a camel through the Sarahan Desert, all the while building your brand, getting trained on how to expand your business, and living the life of a jet-setter.  The content created in this experience, outshines the traditional standard of marketing and advertising in business.

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An Exclusive Experience in Business and Promotional Development

Applicants are screened before being accepted into the IMMERSION program.  This is not a retreat, this is a full scale production for your brand, your business, and everything that you have worked hard to build.  Enhance all of that effort with a luxurious branding and business development experience anywhere in the world.

Take Advantage of This Once in a Lifetime Promotional Opportunity

This Opportunity is Only Open to a Select Group of Dedicated Individuals

Exclusive and Professional Film and Production for You and Your Brand

Branding, Advertising, Content Creation, Marketing Strategy Fully Deployed Upon Completion of the Experience

Complete Business Outline and Strategy Fully Deployable Upon Completion of the Experience

All Video Content, All Photography Completed by End of the Experience

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Travel with a Purpose for Business Expansion

Your Business, Your Brand, Your Marketing Strategized

Our goal is to give you the highest level of training, the highest quality of promotion and business development. Walk away with a unique experience, and content that attracts the highest level of attention.  It is not enough to just run advertisements today.  It is not enough to promote the traditional way.  Marketing has changed so much, that audiences yearn for interesting content, they want to be heard, that want to be spoken to and most of all want to be shown what is possible.  Give them what they are reaching for with this IMMERSION experience.

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World Class Creative Entrepreneurs, Power In Numbers

Robert Syslo Jr

With clients across the world, Robert has helped hundreds of companies and individuals develop their personal story, and share that story online in Digital Video, Digital MArketing and Branding.  Having built a $12,000,000 Advertising Agency, Robert ventured out on his own to start his own production company.  Reaching and average of 500,000 People per month, Syslo Ventures LLC was formed in 2019.  Robert got started in digital video back and marketing in 2007 when Youtube began to become very large.  Companies at that time were interested in telling their stories on Yelp, CitySearch and other platforms, now the game has changed to social media.  Robert specializes in a depth storytelling, brand aesthetics, content creation, video FX, editing, cinematography, product development, and distribution.  For the last 16 years Robert is at the forefront of his industry and has changed digital video to become exciting, enthralling and most of all interesting to an audience.

Deana Durisic

When mulit-talented video producer Deana Durisic founded Apollo Films in 2011, she combined her decade of experience in the film industry with her background in business. As a professional stuntwoman, Deana had a front row seat seeing Hollywood legends at work. Deana’s credits include appearing alongside “The Rock” Dwayne Douglas Johnson in San Andreas, working on a Steven Spielburg production, the epic Terranova, and stunt driving in Shell TV commercial.